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Meet the Owner


Meet Ms. Cesily Cannon.  She founded Cesily's Love Meals LLC in 2020 with the idea of bringing her southern roots and love of cooking into the hearts and souls of her communitiy.  Cooking has been her passion since she was first allowed to use the stove!  The kitchen is where she has her fondest memories of her grandmother, who taught her to cook. 

During the pandemic she started providing meals for essential workers to express her support & minimize their stresses with a home cooked meal made with love. 


With 20+ years of experience in the restaurant industry, Ms. Cannon brings you a unique soul food cuisine with the freshest ingredients, time-honored techniques & a whole lot of love!

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Meet The Team



From meal prep & date nights to weddings & corporate events & everything in between…everything we do is FROM OUR HEARTS TO YOUR SOUL!  At CLM, we are like familly, and we love what we do!  We are here to meet and exceed your needs...making your life easier and more delicious all at once.  We look forward to meeting you and catering your next event!

Check out some photos from past events...

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